TONSORE (tōn-so-ré) meaning “Barber” in Latin,
known for its rich history and cultural connection.


Our student barbers are trained to provide top quality service and pay attention to details.

All work is performed by barber students under the supervision of the Instructor, your patience is welcomed.


Passionately teaching classic barbering with a fresh modern approach in a friendly professional environment.


What our graduates say

  • Attending Tonsore changed my life. It opened my eyes to an entirely new realm of possibilities. Some schools just taught turn and burn fades and I knew I wanted more. I learned how to cut long and short hair styles, facial and skin care, and color and chemical application. It was a well rounded education that has provided me an entirely new revenue stream. It also proved me the creative outlet I needed in order to feel I was doing something special. After leaving I noticed that other barbers had weak scissor skills or would pass up on chemical work because all they knew how to do was fade. I fell like I can do anything requested of me. This is due to Tonsore. 

  • In November 1993 I graduated beauty school loving it . Since then I’ve had two beauty shops, first one was named A Cut Above and the second Any Cut And Style. I had always wanted to be a Barber there just weren’t any schools other than beauty schools. I would listen to our male clients how they would reminisce on the good old days at the barber shop and how they missed that atmosphere. So on May 2016 after much prayer I decided to change my hours at the salon and enroll at Ingram barber college. Being the first student made an impact on my life after knowing I was attending a school that would teach old school was an honor to be taught by Mr Robert Diaz . I never thought the techniques I learned would make me the barber I am today. Going full time Monday through Thursday was a challenge being we lived an hour and a half away, worked Friday and Saturday to be able to pay tuition on Mondays. Determination and the love of the craft made it all worth it. August 2016 was graduation day and the best feeling ever! In January 24 2017 I opened Up One Stop Barbershop and kept all my clients from Any cut and style. In July of 2019 I received my Instructors license and would like to open up a barber school when the timing is right. I’m happy to say One Stop Barbershop has been successful and the doors are always open for barbers with a passion for the craft and ready to work. 
    I forgot to say I was 30 years old when I started beauty school, I’m 57 years old now in the industry 27 years.

  • Mr Robert Diaz is a one of a kind educator. He is a master of his craft but he’s exceeded his own title by mastering the art of TEACHING. I was fortunate enough to have him as my barber school teacher from 2013-2014. Mr Diaz really cares about his students, he has genuine love for us and the utmost respect for the art of barbering. I would not be where I am today had it not been for Mr Diaz tutelage, care, and concern for my future. His heart is gold and I consider him a mentor and a great friend. 

    Marcus Calderon

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